Monday 8 April 2013


... Today was so weird [ NOTE FROM WACKY: Im sorry I cant post pictures Im using a different laptop and I cant take screenshots on it.] Me and lemon were sitting at our table eating breakfast when we heard a know at the door "IL GET IT!!" Said lemon He opened the door and this is what I saw: A MIRROR IMAGE of lemon only dark blue/purple "Blueberry!!" said lemon "Lemon!!" said the blue Lemon. "This is Blueberry" piped in lemon "my cousin from the USA!" "wow.." I muttered "Hi!" said Blueberry "er..Hi? "  I said. We chatted for a while until Lemon said that His cousin was  staying for a while. Now as you can imagine Im not a big fan of this Amerian Blueberry guy. He is gonna take some getting used to...

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