Wednesday 3 July 2013

I've found you!

Hey! Sorry I haven't written in a  while! I lost my journal. You see, one day a few months ago, Blueberry really started creeping me out, so I ran off into the forest. I was walking along when I heard a mew. Then a roar. Well, No more of a 'Meww..' and then a 'ROAR!!!' Anyway, after that a little tiger apperered, I screamed, dropped the journal and hid behind a tree.
 I was pretty Brave.. If I must say so myself..
SUPERMINTY! THATS WHAT IT STANDS FOR! So, anyway, after I dropped my Diary and got away, I looked and looked an looked, But couldn't find it again! So, I've been brushing up on my art skills, Check out this picture I drew of me! I painted it, actually.
[Again; NOT supposed to be god, supposed to be minty.] Ok, BYEE!

Monday 15 April 2013


Today..I found out one thing that I did NOT know about Blueberry... He is great at art!!! I tried to copie him but mine didnt turn out good..
:D pretty good arent I?        [NOTE FROM AUTHOR: That picture was NOT supposed to be good. It was supposed to be minty.]   Anyway this is what he did:
... I know right!?!? I have GOT to work on my art skills..

Tuesday 9 April 2013

Getting to know Blueberry

/).(\. I CANT TAKE IT ANYMORE!! BLUEBERRY IS SOOOOOO ANNOYING!!! I mean, He never stops talking.. Litterally I dont think I saw him close his mouth ONCE since he came. And according to Lemon hes great..
But there is something up with him.. I was trying to get to sleep last night when I heard weird noises from his room..
... I KNOW IT SOUNDS CHILDISH BUT ITS WHAT I HEARD!!!!!!!!! I also heard lots of banging coming from his room.. Im getting kinda.. freaked out..  Brrr...

Monday 8 April 2013


... Today was so weird [ NOTE FROM WACKY: Im sorry I cant post pictures Im using a different laptop and I cant take screenshots on it.] Me and lemon were sitting at our table eating breakfast when we heard a know at the door "IL GET IT!!" Said lemon He opened the door and this is what I saw: A MIRROR IMAGE of lemon only dark blue/purple "Blueberry!!" said lemon "Lemon!!" said the blue Lemon. "This is Blueberry" piped in lemon "my cousin from the USA!" "wow.." I muttered "Hi!" said Blueberry "er..Hi? "  I said. We chatted for a while until Lemon said that His cousin was  staying for a while. Now as you can imagine Im not a big fan of this Amerian Blueberry guy. He is gonna take some getting used to...

Wednesday 3 April 2013

I escaped!!

Heyo. so guess what?? I ESCAPED ME AND MELON!! the sad thing is..we had to leave crumble..
Me and melon headed back home... but when we got there there was a bunch of rats runnng around.. lemon scremed and ran away and me being the scardey fox (if anyone else than me is reading this then replace that with AWESOME FOX!!) ran away too. eventually we found another old barn it was surprisingly comfy..

 so.. looks lie we are going to settle in here..

Monday 11 March 2013


Im still trapped and nothings happening so im going to draw a picture
I drew A sad face because im sad that im captured =(

Saturday 9 March 2013

nothing happening

nothing much happening today thats why I got time to fill in this entry in my journal why did nothing happen? BECAUSE IM TRAPPED REMEMBER!?!
 Anyway you know I said im trapped well yeah nothing happened so bye! PS: im going to write my name down here from now on