Wednesday 3 July 2013

I've found you!

Hey! Sorry I haven't written in a  while! I lost my journal. You see, one day a few months ago, Blueberry really started creeping me out, so I ran off into the forest. I was walking along when I heard a mew. Then a roar. Well, No more of a 'Meww..' and then a 'ROAR!!!' Anyway, after that a little tiger apperered, I screamed, dropped the journal and hid behind a tree.
 I was pretty Brave.. If I must say so myself..
SUPERMINTY! THATS WHAT IT STANDS FOR! So, anyway, after I dropped my Diary and got away, I looked and looked an looked, But couldn't find it again! So, I've been brushing up on my art skills, Check out this picture I drew of me! I painted it, actually.
[Again; NOT supposed to be god, supposed to be minty.] Ok, BYEE!

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