Thursday 7 March 2013


Me and Lemon let the red panda stay In my house overnight since he had nowhere else to go. in the morning we started questioning him "ARE YOU A SPY?" Blurted out Lemon. I put my paw over his mouth. Then I asked the panda "where did you come from?" "Its dosent matter...." he said "not to you anyways.."
 He seemed quite strange to me because when we met him he was all like "Ello mates!" and now hes all like "dosent matter" all dark and weird and stuff. But anyway at that very moment two pandas burst in our door (actually we didnt really have one.) But anyway the red panda already In our house looked as if he knew them
The two pandas talked in a very dark tone of voice. "MASTER SAYS YOU MUST COME BACK AT ONCE!" said the other red panda "LEAVE ME ALONE" shouted the little red panda who was in our house (Crumble whichI later learned he was called) they grabbed him and ran out the door. me and Lemon chased them
 "CMON CRUMBLE" they shouted he kicked and pushed until the finally let go then he ran into my house and hid

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