Thursday 7 March 2013

The airborne panda

"Are you sure this is safe?" asked the red panda "of course it is!.... maybe" Answered the evil pirate panda.
 "no im not sure" said the red panda climbing down from the tree, but before he could even lift his leg pirate panda pushed him off the tree. "MWAHAHAHAH!" Shouted the pirate panda (whos name was Claw) "AHHHH" screamed the falling red panda.
 Me and lemon were Inside by the fire when we heard something crash into the tree outside. we rushed out to see what it was
And to our surise there was a red panda stuck into my tree. Lemon seemed amazed "you never told this tree grew RED PANDAS!!!" he exclaimed "well I never knew" I Answered quitley. The red panda jumped out of the tree to face us. "Ello mates!" he said.
"Um hi" said Lemon. "How are you.." I said.

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