Friday 8 March 2013

the pirate panda

the evil pirate panda was still waiting at his castle for the two pandas to return with crumble. I will be waiting until tomorrow at this rate -.-  He thought. At that moment the two pandas burst in the door "MASTER WE COULD NOT GET CRUMBLE" they said
back at home crumble was still cowering under the table
so we tried to get him out. Suddenly: A big green panda with an eyepatch guarded by two bulky pandas burst in our door "SOLDIERS;GET CRUMBLE I WILL TAKE CARE OF THE OTHER TWO" he shouted. THe two bulky pandas grabbed Crumble and the green one came over to us. Lemon screamed and ran under the table and cried They have taken us to their castle and at the moment we are being held prisinor

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